Monday, August 11, 2008

PMS & Chocolate

We refer to "that time of the month" as cherry monkey in my house. Sometimes it's known as jelly donut. Either way it sucks.

I turn into a raving, bitch ass, lunatic that has hormonal break outs on my face and a tendency to cry a lot. For heaven's sake I have more pimples now then I ever did as a teenager. That alone is enough to depress anyone but on top of all that I have awful, terrible, painful cramps the first day or two.

S says I need happy pills.

And I've considered it. Along with Seasonale or one of those other birth control options that reduce your period to about 4 times a year. I have no intentions of getting pregnant (it's pretty impossible with the blanks shooting my way) so why do I need to deal with a period?

Wait. There is one plus.

It was the perfect excuse to make a cake...and eat two pieces. What is it about chocolate that makes it better?

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Crazy Momma said...

Oh man, I want that cake!