Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mice, showers & other pesky things...

As you know I have a visitor. A nasty, crap dropping visitor to be more specific.

But hopefully he will be gone soon enough since the exterminator is coming today to put out traps galore and spray everything within a 10 mile radius of my house. (Okay, so that was a bit of an exaggeration but I have a flair for the dramatic when there is a rodent dwelling in my house. Sue me. Or don't since I am using my extra money to pay for the afore mentioned killing spree.)

Anyway I hope this solves my issue so that I can move on to other nagging things happening in the next few weeks.

Such as a baby shower.

For my first grand child.

No, I'm not that old, but shit happens. (For those who wonder, I am 32, S is 36 and my SS and mother of my first grandchild is 17. As I said, shit happens, or in this case a baby happened.)

I would like to have the baby shower around the middle part of September since the official due date is October 10th. But I have just now looked at the calendar and realized that it is almost the end of August. Where in the hell did the time go?

Now I'm smack dab in the middle of marching season. Me being the prez and all it's very time consuming with football games, competitions and fundraisers. Plus, there is an A7X concert about 4 hours away on September 6th that I really want to go to and I know I would regret missing it since they don't come around here often.

Throw in a couple of birthdays, homecoming and weekend guests (Invited human variety this time.) and I have a whole lot of crap happening. Do you ever wish Calgon could really take you away?

Me too.

But I'm here in the real world and dealing.

If you sympathize with me, please share your best baby shower ideas. I've already gotten the invitations and a few other necessities but I'm lacking creativity for the actual party. Games or no games? Which ones are the best? Food ideas? Anything you got is welcome.


Shelley said...


Sounds like you have got your hands and everything else very full. I love a baby shower.
Play a diaper game. You get 6 baby diapers and smash one of 6 different kinds of candy bars in them. Then the guests have to guess which kind of candy bar is in the diaper (make then nice and chocolatey so it looks like baby poop).
The prizes we had came from a Paula deen magazine article. I bought five clear baby bottles and filled them up in alternating colors of Jelly Belly jelly beans. Everyone wanted one of those bottles. Good luck with your grandbaby.

Carrie said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog! I love coupons too!

I feel for you with the mice thing...we rented an old farmhouse before we bought our house last year and we had a lot of them. I could tell you a good story involving a mouse and a toilet...

Games are a MUST at a baby shower in my opinion! I was at one last week where they decided not to do games. It started at noon and the food was being served at one. Everyone was STARVING and bored for that first hour! Two quick games and problem would have been solved!

I have done (attended and/or helped) a billion baby showers in the last year and have lots of idears.

Here's just a few:

1. Baby Clothesline: Hang up a clothesline with a few outfits and hang additional clothes on the clothesline as they are opened by Mommy-to-be

2. Baby Food guess: Have 5-6 baby food in jars with the labels covered up or taken off. Number them and have tasting spoons (this is way more fun if you have the dinners that have combined food included along with easy to name items) at each table. The winner is the one with the most correct. You also could do this in one central location with 10 jars and have everyone guess by smelling the jars instead of tasting (more hygenic also, but less fun).

3. Baby Supplies Memory Game: Have a large tray with 10-15 baby items on the tray. Bring it out or uncover it for 30 seconds only. Then everyone has to write down as many items as they can remember. The winner is whoever remembers the most. You also could have a bonus by adding up the cost of all the items on the tray and the closest one to the combined prices wins.

4. Play-doh babies. Give each person two colors of play-doh in the little bitty cans. Give everyone three minutes to make their version of a baby out of their play-doh. The mom-to-be chooses the winner. If it is a large shower, the tables pick their winner and the MTB chooses out of the table winners. This is so fun!

If you need more ideas, email me at oikology 101 at gmail dot com !

Carrie said...

p.s. The clothesline isn't a game, but it is so cute! Especially if you zig-zag it across a wall!