Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm back...with a visitor

and feeling much better. I still have a small amount of congestion but for the worst seems to be over. Thank goodness.

I hate not being able to breathe when I'm trying to sleep. Or when snot runs, yes, literally runs out of your nose. I know it's gross, but it's true. I woke up 3 nights in a row because of it.

Since I was sickly and not in the mood to do much of anything I finished reading the Twilight series this weekend. I ♥ those books more than should be humanly possible. The story was just...that good. I will probably see the movie when it comes out but with low expectations.

When I read, I actually see the book play out like a movie in my head and Hollywood has never been as good as my imagination. (Am I the only one that experiences this?)

In other not-so-good news it seems we have a visitor at my house. Although I haven't seen Mickey yet, I'm 100% sure he's there because I found the poop evidence on my stove when we got home on Friday night.

I am/was completely grossed out so I bleached the counters and stove. Put everything in the dishwasher and did a thorough inspection of the other cabinets. It seems he was only around the stove and under the sink but still it's DISGUSTING so we're having an exterminator come out and get rid of him. I can't even stand to think about it...ewww.

My Dad thinks I'm over dramatizing the whole thing and that we should set traps; we did put some poison down but it creeps me out and I'd rather know he's gone...permanently.

Who's with me?


Veggie Mom said...

We've been having the little critters visit our house, too. When we got back from the beach a couple of days ago, the cat had a present for us--EEeeeewwwwwww! The only reason I can think they're coming inside is because it's been so dry out and they're looking for water. Who knows? I just wish they'd go away!

Lula! said...

Are you feeling better?

Down with the Mickey! I have no qualms about taking out my rage upon them. They're nasty--and they run too fast and leave little gross droppings all over the place. UGH!

I am WAY dramatic when it comes to the Twilight saga...I'm a little too emotionally invested in these fictional characters. But it's all good. I'm so glad you loved them, too. Are ya gonna see the movie on November 21? I totally read the books while "watching" the movie in my head--and this was last year, before the film had been cast. Anyway--11/21/08 is a national holiday, as far as I'm concerned!