Monday, August 11, 2008

It's "Egg"citing!

I got a PED EGG!! Whoop!

Informercials are my thang, and most of the time I can refrain from being drawn in and ordering a useless piece of crap.

I finally caved for the ped egg since they had it at CVS which means no shipping, I used ECB's (ie, free money) and I'm PMSing so it made me happy.

I already used it and it seems to work just like the commercial says and trust me - I needed it. I haven't gotten a pedicure since the beginning of June and my feet were getting a little crusty. Ewwww. Gross, but true.

Have you tried anything from an informercial? Did you love it or hate it?

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Shelley said...

I bought the "Shark" vacuum cleaner. It really is an amazing little thing for quick clean ups. I still do a once every two week regular vacuum, but this thing is so light weight and I don't have to bend over to get under the kitchen table with it.
I bought it when they were BOGO and gave the 2nd one to my mom. She loves hers too.