Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just visiting...

I'm taking a small break from reading to catch up on blogging. I can't recommend these books enough...it's like an addiction and I MUST know what's going to happen next.

When I originally heard about the Twilight series from Lula I googled and found out they were about Vampires, which instantly hooked me. But this series is about so much more..."young adult" my ass.

And I'm not the only adult in love with them. While I was at Kroger this weekend, doing my fundraising duty I picked up the rest of the series. I set them on our table so that I could pay for them once we were done. More people were interested in the books than the Kroger Plus cards. Seriously.

I'm reading the second in the series, New Moon.

It's a welcome distraction this week since S and SS are at band camp, my boss aka Dad is in Sturgis and my bff moved to WV...needless to say I'm all alone. Good thing I have Bella, Edward, Charlie and all the Forks people to keep me company this week. I think I hear them calling my name...

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