Thursday, October 21, 2010

Glee goes GQ...and it's alright with me

It's this cover (and inside spread*) that is causing a bit of ruckus this morning. Parents in an uproar over these very sexxy pictures in the upcoming issue of GQ. I agree they are very sexxy, but these Glee stars are ADULTS. Consenting ADULTS. In an ADULT magazine.

Let's face it Glee the show was not meant for kids. Yes it portrays high school singing but it also has risky conversation and sex scenes including a girl on girl make out session last week. Definitely not kid friendly material in my opinion.

Besides the fact that GQ is a MEN's magazine. Men as in ADULT males. It's not in Nickelodeon's November edition so what's the problem?

Here's my very unpolitically correct advice: take the stick outta your butt and realize that if your kids want to view nekkid booties online they will. And it will be oh so much worse then what this photo is showing. Realize that you as a parent should be the one deciding what your kids watch and/or read, not Fox, not GQ - YOU. If you deem your child old enough to watch Glee (hey no judgement here) also be prepared for some ADULT sex-ed talk.

*Sorry I couldn't resist. Get it...spread.

**All words spelled incorrectly are totally on purpose as to keep as many spammers away as possible.

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