Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tales of a Homebody

It wasn't always this way. In fact this time last year I would have been swamped with football games, Saturday competitions and lots of good old fashioned fundraising. But now the teen has become an adult (scary huh?) and there are no more high school activities.

Combine that with a football crazy husband who insists on playing and/or watching that horrid sport all weekend and that leaves me without much to do. Or should I say without much that I'd like to do.*

I'm not the type to go to the movies solo and most of my friends have young children so we don't get together much. Plus we started using a budget in August so I don't have a ton of extra money to blow anyway.**

As you can see I have been forced into a "homebody" status the last few months leaving me couch-side watching lots of tv and cruising the internet for beach bags. Relief might be on the horizon though...

Our dart tournament started last night and while we play on Thursday nights, maybe it's just the kick in the butt I need to get off the couch and start living again. Truthfully I wasn't looking forward to it but after we got there, put some coins in the jukebox and started playing it was exhilarating.***

We lost (by one game) but it didn't matter because we were having a good time. Together. With friends. As it was meant to be.

*There is always something to clean but who wants to do that on the weekends? Not me.

**Budgets suck.

***Exhilarating except for the cloud of cigarette smoke. {cough, cough, gag}


Heather said...

You could always pick up scrapbooking...wanna make some cards with me?

Darts is so much fun! (Except for the cigarette smoke, yuck.)

Budgets totally SUCK, I agree.

Melissa said...

I agree. Budgets do suck, but they are good for us! As is our couponing escapades. Got 2 Renu contact solutions for $7.99 today. I wish I'd had a coupon but at least I had the ECBs.

I do think watching TV can become depressing. I always feel better when I get out and hang with people, too! I'm glad you had fun throwing darts. That's got to relieve some stress. Throwing darts just sounds like a stress reliever.


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I used to bowl. I miss that time out with adults that didn't involve work.

Once things get settled I'd like to join a bowling league with Mr. B.

If I were there, i'd totally hang with you... just leave my kids at home - they can deal.

CaraBee said...

I'm with Lizzy. Why can't we all live closer and hang out more often? :( Because I am quite certain that we could have a killer time, no need to spend a ton of money.

Btw, I like the black damask beach bag.

Shelley said...

I am a homebody. And lack of funds probably has a lot to do with that. But once a month, I get together with 11 other ladies and play BUNCO for hours. It really is such a good time. I'm so glad that you have a good time playing darts.

Shannon said...

Oh, I wish we all lived closer.