Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Table Topics Tuesday: "Here fishy, fishy..."


do you possess any of the qualities of your zodiac sign?

I'd like to believe that I posses some of the good stuff - wise, kind & caring, multi-talented - but there are some traits that I would never use to describe myself like ultra popular. Ugh. It just sounds pretentious just saying it - ULTRA popular.

There are a few "bad" traits of being a Pisces that I identify with too. Such as over-emotional, overly-sensitive, temperamental...all of which I blame my hormones for. But then I've never considered myself secretive, easily seduced or gullible. If anything I'm a little less than trusting til I get to know someone.

After reading more about what being a Pisces is supposed to be about I don't think I possess many of the qualities of this fishy zodiac sign. I don't "withdraw into a dream world" or "worry about failing in a crisis".* In fact I seem to flourish under pressure, which is good since I'm also a HUGE procrastinator.

Besides wouldn't a good Pisces know how to swim well? Um yeah not me. At. All.

Now it's your turn: do you possess any of the qualities of your zodiac sign?

*Quotes provided by this site.

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