Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ask, and Ye Shall Receive

Yesterday I had a few hormonal moments. I posted here whining about the dark mornings. Again. And then I ended up bickering with S over $8.

Definitely not my best moments.

In May I started taking Yaz to help with these hormonal mood swings, and overall I think they have helped. That is until I got sick. During all that I forgot to take my pills.

It was a stupid thing to do but I was so miserable that those pills were the furthest thing from my mind. Once I remembered, I started taking them again but of course it had been long enough to change my cycle.

This week would have been a "white pill" week but I skipped them and started my new pack because of my mistake.

My hormones were not fooled by this and I think they are actually pretty pissed I messed with the schedule. Pissed and taking revenge.

Needless to say I've had some less-than-best moments the last couple of days.

This morning I was laying in the bed, resentful of the dark sky and wishing for the alarms death. I laid there for over 15 minutes, knowing full well I don't have that kind of time to spare in the mornings.

Finally I drug myself out of bed and into the bathroom. As I do every morning, I looked outside. And was blessed to see this...

I ran to get to my camera and tried to take pictures from the window, but there was a glare so I ran outside in my pjs & no shoes.

I was THAT excited to see the sunrise I've missed so much. MY sunrise.

Maybe I didn't deserve it but I was rewarded this morning.

Just when I needed it most.


Kat said...

Awww. I am so glad that the sun rise was there. Just for you :-)

Tammy Howard said...

"Maybe I didn't deserve it but I was rewarded this morning."


Your view is amazing!

Christina said...

I've been grumpy, irritable, and argumentative lately too. Unfortunately, I can't blame it on YAZ, just my own bitchiness.

Great pics... what a nice way to wake up.

Veronica said...

Amazing view!!

I stopped taking hormonal birth control because it made me more crazy!

Isn't it nice that even when we don't "deserve" something, we are blessed anyway!

Hope the rest of your day is just as beautiful as that sunrise!

WhisperingWriter said...

Beautiful pictures.

I hate when I'm all hormonal.

~Katie said...

No worries, we all have those days/times. So glad you got to watch your sun rise. Those pictures are beautiful. Oh, and you HAVE to get that book. It's GREAT!

April said...

So beautiful.
I have an award for ya.

shortmama said...

Nothing better than waking up to that!

Too Many Hats said...

YAY - glad you got a little treat this morning. Wasn't cold out there with your pjs and no shoes?

blueviolet said...

I think you were meant to see that this morning! I'm so glad you did!

CaraBee said...

What a beautiful view from your house! Glad you got some sun!

Jen said...

such beautiful photos.

Roxane said...

I love that view!

The Royal Family said...

beautiful! don't miss my hairbows giveaway I know miss J would be cute in them when she gets enough hair. :)

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

You might want to be careful with taking Yaz. I've seen some scary commercials about it lately. Lawyers and class action lawsuits talking about scary things like strokes, blood clots, and other serious side effects from that one. Just lookin' out for ya!