Monday, November 23, 2009

The Monday Blues

I got the Monday blues.

Not only is it Monday but it's raining here, and it's time.

You know of what time I'm talking about. <.> time. Ugh.

And I haven't had one in a couple of months cause I'm a brainiac who skipped her white pills so I'm anticipating a bad <.>. Ugh.

In addition to Monday, the rain and my <.> I also have a ton of things on my plate and yet I chose to do nothing this weekend.

Honestly, I only left the house for about 4 hours on Saturday for a band fundraising thing. Then I preceded to plant my arse on my couch and stay there for the remainder of the weekend.

Now I'm overwhelmed with my Thanksgiving menu. And contemplating online purchases for all my Christmas shopping cause I just don't think I can handle the crowds.

Crowds piss me off.

Especially rude, rushing, oblivious crowds like those in stores now. I don't deal well with those type of situations. (I already experienced some parking lot rage this weekend and was contemplating several avenues of violence against these people before I calmed down & rationalized that being in jail over the holiday would NOT be a good thing.)

Of course some of that could be blamed on the <.> and the hormones that come with it.

Maybe now would be a good time to fill my Lexapro prescription?!


Kat said...

I am so over the rain. It truly does not motivate me to do anything. Except eat and lay about. I am ready for blue skies. Or even cloudy skies. As long as the wet stuff stays up there and not down here.

But I am actually planning to shop this weekend. I have a cohort...and it should be fun!

shortmama said...

I am with ya on the <.>...that time over here too! Ugh!

Germato said...

Thanks for the welcome!

Hope your day and week gets better. Thanksgiving isn't too far away!

Mary Lutz said...

<.> time must be in the air...yep me too...just started. Yuk.

Online shopping, however, is always my choice. I have a bunch of items sitting in my Amazon shopping cart, waiting for payday (Wednesday). It's so much easier and you don't have to fight the crowds :)

Jen said...

Yup, that sucks. Hope it gets better soon.

Heather said...

Thank God Aunt Flo visited me last week, with all that da_n estrogen floating around that PMS for Thanksgiving makes for a happy holiday, fer sure.

A big yes on the Lexapro. Do what you gotta do, girl. You know the saying: if momma ain't happy...

Have a great Thanksgiving! And warn us if you decide to go shopping, so we can warn the other shoppers to stay out of your way :)

Christina said...

I don't do crowds either. I have no patients for people.... or stupidity. I'm likely to snap and cram a sale sign down someone's throat.

blueviolet said...

The rude people are in the stores already????

Denise said...

I used to love Christmas shopping. Key words "Used to." I did a lot of shopping online last year and I think that's the way to go this year. I'm such a scrooge.

I'm hosting Thanksgiving but I'm making my family bring stuff and my personal menu won't be very elaborate, just the basics. Seriously, that's all we need!

Too Many Hats said...

Is everything conspiring against you? <.>, full plate, rude people - yuck yuck yuck. I think sitting on the coach a couple of more days would be great. Have S take care of the rest.

The Royal Family said...

You can shop Etsy online from home! Starting tomorrow here is a list of participants!!!

:) YEAH!!!

Sorry about the frusteration bt i'm glad you came to your senses about being in jail for the holidays! They don't serve pie in there!