Friday, February 4, 2011

Where do I go from here?

For this journey I won't need any luggage, a laptop messenger bag, or a passport.

When I started this blog the teen was in high school and like many of you, my life revolved around my kids activities. Our social life was completely intertwined with whatever he was participating in as indicated by my blog posts. I wouldn't change any part of that but it now leaves me at a crossroads.

The teen became the soldier this month. He is several states away starting a new life and our life, my life, no longer revolves around him.* That leaves me with more free time in real life and less blog fodder for this world.

I don't want to abandon my blog (I'm sure it seems I have some weeks) but I just don't feel like the name, Not Your Average Soccer Mom, describes me or my life that well. I'm still a Mom but not a full time one anymore. As he grows I feel like I should, and my blog along with it. I've thought about playing around with the Army Mom thing but to be honest I don't want my identity to revolve around "Mom" anymore.

So I'm looking for some inspiration. Some ideas. Some...something to put me in the right direction.

*Life may not revolve around him but we do anxiously await his phone calls. It's hard to be so far away & not talk to him every day.


Candice said...

I totally support your need to evolve, since it sounds as though your life certainly has.

I have no ideas for a new name, etc, but I think something general would work better than boxing yourself in and feeling like you have to blog about a particular topic.

That's why I chose "Life according to Candice" I didn't just want to blog about my kids, or just my job. I would get extremely bored with that, and I'd imagine that others would as well. So I just go with the flow. Kind of like life. :)

Good luck with the new change.

Christina said...

That's a tough one. You need to think hard, look deep, discover what your really passionate about. It will come to you.

Angie's Spot said...

I totally get where you're coming from and know that you'll find that new niche that you're moving into. I'm so glad that we've gotten to know each other and look forward to hearing about the next phase of life for you! And you guys are in my thoughts constantly. I have such respect for those who volunteer to defend our country and their families that support them!

CaraBee said...

What an interesting and exciting time for you and your family. Fitting that you are making changes to the thing that chronicles your life. I don't have any name suggestions, but I'll think about it. Maybe the answer is somewhere in the first part of the tag line for this blog: Harley riding, rock loving, texting, tattooed... Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Veronica said...

I completely understand this.

When I started my blog, I chose a name I wanted for me not a phase I was going through.

Good luck coming up with what is you! I'll read it regardless :)