Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Army Strong

The Soldier left 3 weeks ago. He was in processing the first few days so we were able to text & talk to him just about every day but now that basic is under way we don't hear from him for a week at a time. If his squad does well during the week then they are granted phone time on Sundays.

We were just settling down after dinner wondering if he would call this week when the phone rang. His voice was a little scratchy but he sounded good.* As you can imagine we were full of questions. Unfortunately the weather caused some havoc with their training schedule so they haven't done much. He actually said that it was more like girl scouts than the Army.

I think that statement will come back to haunt him soon enough.**

The Soldier seems to be adjusting to Army life quite well. He uses words like "chow" and "MREs" (Meals Ready to Eat) and does his own laundry. Already he seems so grown up. And Army Strong.

*I sent him a box of cough drops yesterday. :)

**They are supposed to train for the gas chamber this week.


Shelley said...

You sound like you are holding up well. I saw gas chamber photos on facebook today. Yikes!!

Veronica said...

Wow, I would not hold up well in basic, I would freak out.

Sounds like he is doing really well!!

Shannon said...

Gas chamber? What the...???

But, glad to hear he's doing well.

Christina said...

I'm sure the conversation brought you some relief, even though you miss him terribly.

btw.... i gave you an award: