Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm in total denial...

I cannot believe that Christmas is only 11 days away. Eleven. Days. You would think a certain someone who let Thanksgiving sneak up on her would be more prepared for the next holiday. Apparently not.

There's still shopping that needs to be done, treats to be made, cards to be mailed*, and presents to be wrapped. Lots and lots...and lots of presents to be wrapped.

I *finally* get our tree decorated this past weekend so I can scratch that off the list. (Please excuse the quality since it's from my cell. Add taking pics to the to-do list above.)


Have I mentioned that Christmas is only 11 days away?!

*Christmas cards did not make the cut this year. Thinking maybe I should start now on next years to ensure they make it in the mail. Ya think 375 days is enough time for a procrastinator like me?


blueviolet said...

Thanks for freaking me out too. What am I going to do? I'm not even remotely ready.

The Royal Family 2 said...

I feel like I have two days since i'm heading out to my parents on friday until after the holiday. I got baked goods to finish, presents to wrap only like 5 of those left and 4 people to pack! UGH!

thanks for freaking me out!

Candice said...

We've had our Christmas cards for like 2 weeks and have yet to mail them out yet.

We also need to wrap all of the gifts. We've done all of the shopping, but none of the wrapping.

Can you say lazy? I can. ;)

Melissa said...

I am so with you on the Christmas card thing. I'm kinda being a scrooge about it this year because I feel like it's expensive and people look at our pic and probably throw it away. What a waste. Bah Humbug!
On a positive note, I'm pretty well done shopping. I spent the ENTIRE day Saturday in the outlet malls and Target.

CaraBee said...

Holy crap. 11 days. Ugh. I've bought like three presents. This is going to be bad.

Your tree is beautiful!

*~Dani~* said...

Ugh. I am so behind. And every year I say I am going to do Christmas cards, and I have billions bought and stored, but never get around to it. This year is no different. Sigh.

I should join you on your 375 day quest to get them done for next year.

Shannon said...

It hit me earlier this evening...

Christmas is next weekend.

Say what?!

I'm done with the shopping, almost done with wrapping. Waiting on my order from Snapfish for the pics to go in the cards and they will be mailed (hopefully) in a few days!

Veronica said...

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!!

Happy New Year :)

Your tree is gorgeous by the way!