Monday, August 2, 2010

August already?

I just cannot believe it's August. Already. I blinked and now summer is almost over.

Here's the lowdown of our happenings since the graduation & cruise:

The teen has made the decision on what his future will hold that I will reveal at a later time. He hasn't told everyone in his family yet (most notably his mother) so I won't advertise it until he does. Just in case the wrong set of eyes sees it. Ahem.

There's been a lot of working and very little playing. We haven't been on the bike once this summer. Blasphemy! I plan to rectify this next if the weather would just cooperate.

Speaking of weather we've been sweating. A lot. The norm has been 90+ temps for this summer so it's not been ideal for any outdoor activities. So I've taken to indoor activities like shopping. Specifically Christmas shopping.**

We just got back from an impromptu trip to WV to meet up with friends for a 24 hour visit in the wild & wonderful state. Fabulous.

...and well that's it. Seems like I've been busy doing nothing. How about you?

**Christmas is only 144 days away. How's that for a reality check?!


Jayme said...'s 106 here today..... :|

Heather said...

No bike yet? I don't believe it!

Christmas shopping already? I don't believe that, either.

144 days away? That's plenty of time for this procrastinator!

Shannon said...

"Seems like I've been busy doing nothing."

You took the words right outta my mouth!

Shelley said...

I'm glad that it's almost time for school to start.

Veronica said...

Can't wait to hear the announcement on the future plans. Summer is almost over, crazy as that is!!!! And I couldn't agree with this sentence more, "Seems like I've been busy doing nothing." That's exactly how I feel!

Kathy said...

Christmas shopping??!!!

It's about 88 here at 6 am, so hubby and I joined a gym. That way, we can not exercise in a climate controlled environment.

Julie @ Get Healthy Cheap said...

It's only 9:30 AM here in Phoenix and it's already 96 degrees, Christmas shopping?!..Hmmm...maybe it would help me pretend to feel a cool breeze. :)

kel said...

144 days till christmas?? crap!!!

The Royal Family said...

really we have to start a christmas countdown :(


Christina said...

I know things have been hectic for you. Hope it all settles down soon and you get out on the bike. I miss you and your post. =)