Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Table Topics Tuesday: So many, so little time


what bad habit of yours would you most like to break?

Oh, where to start?

My procrastination? The fact that I take on too much? That I cannot stick to a healthy diet?

Now that I'm seeing in writing it seems they are all related. Because I'm so busy all the time I like to rest when I can rest.

Thank God for Sundays!

And so I procrastinate and things that need to get done don't. Not until the last minute. Then I rush, rush, rush to get it done, often times forgetting stuff.

Like the candle I forgot to turn off when I left Sunday.

Being busy is also my excuse for a poor diet. When we have a function then it gives me an excuse to pick up fast food. When I'm relaxing I can justify that big bowl of ice cream by saying I've already "done so much". When I have time to exercise, I don't have the energy.

I admit they are all excuses because believe it or not there are people on the planet that make time for that sorta stuff. Crazy huh?

Maybe in the next 34 years I can get my act together. Maybe...

Now it's your turn:
what bad habit of yours would you most like to break?


Tabi said...

procrastination and taking on too much seems to be ALOT of women's problems! We can't say no and then we wait to the last minute to do the stupid thing we should have said no too to begin with!

Heather said...

I have to make a conscious effort to say no and then not feel guilty for saying no, esp. when it comes to volunteering at my kids' school functions.

I wish I could stop being a perfectionist and learn to let things go. My resolution for next year, maybe?

Shannon said...

Procrastination is my friend, too.

Not a very good one, though.

Loving Wife, Working Mom said...

My bad habit? My perfection... I am, at times of course, delisuonal.

Fiona said...

OMG I relate to this post so much! I too like to reward myself with ice-cream or a takeaway dinner because I've "been so busy". Hmmm...

Heather said...

I think every good woman procrastinates and makes excuses. If they don't, they aren't normal! Stepford wives, be gone! :)

CaraBee said...

Procrastination is definitely my biggest and worst habit. I really don't know how to fix it. Is there a 12 step program for procrastinators?

The Royal Family said...

me too! procrastination... that and more organized

prashant said...

very good one, though.
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